Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Battle Site Memorial Hall

Build in 1964 the Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Fighting Site Memorial Hall 顺义区焦庄户地道战遗址纪念馆 is located at the foot of Yumai Weiyan Mountain 余脉歪坨山, approximately 70 kilometers away from Beijing. In 1964, the memorial hall was opened under the name Jiaozhuang Militia Fighting History Showroom 焦庄户民兵斗争史陈列室. According to its website the governments of the districts Beijing and Shunyi have invested since 1987 a total of more than 40 million RMB for the expansion of access roads, the restoration of tunnels that were used in the guerilla war against the Japanese and the building of new exhibition halls.

The Anti-Japanese War residential area was the site of the headquarters of the 14th Army Division and a center of the Health Department during the Anti-Japanese War. It was used to fight a guerilla war against the Japanese in the 1930s and 1940s.

The original visit area consists of a about 30 meters long original restored part of the tunnel and 830 meters of tunnel rediscovered for the visitors. During the war, the residents designed and installed shelters, traps, conference rooms, water tank storage and other living facilities in the tunnels. There are also different fighting stations, which are connected with each other, forming an underground network of 11,5 km.

The exhibition area of ​​1,000 square meters is divided into three parts: “Jidong Anti-Japanese War Flames 冀东抗战燃烽火”, “People’s War Building of Great Merits 人民战争建奇功” and “Today’s Shunyi Is Better 今日顺义更美好”. The contents of the exhibition are mainly photos, pictures and original objects. The revolutionary relics in the museum mainly include various tools used in digging tunnels, various weapons used by the militia, and various agricultural tools. The museum also built relief groups shaped as historical figures of the war and a large three-dimensional sand table. On 14th August 2005, the exhibition area of the memorial hall was officially opened to the public.

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