The Original Site of the Meeting Venue of Red Army Forces at the End of the Long March in Huining County, Baiyin City

In June 1935, the CCP leadership ordered the probably most important combat forces of the Red Army 红军, namely the First Front Army 第一方面军 and the Fourth Front Army 第四方面军, to found a soviet base area across the territories of Sichuan 四川,Shaanxi 陕西 and Gansu 甘肃 (Saich 1996: 678). In the coming months, more and more Red Army forces headed for northwestern China, where the CCP was establishing a new safe haven out of the Nationalist’s control. 

On 10. October 1936, the First, Second, and Fourth Front Armies joined forces in Huining County 会宁县, Gansu Province. According to a 2006 travel guide penned by Ouyang Zhengyu and Zhao Yuqin, this meeting represented the successful maneuver of the CCP troops from along the Yangtze 长江 in the South to the Yellow River 黄河 in northwestern China. Due to this, the Red Army Long March Meeting in Huining County 会宁县红军长征会师 can be seen as a significant historical event related to the Long March (Ouyang 2006: 252). 

Today, the Original Site of the Meeting Venue of the Red Forces at the End of the Long March in Huining 会宁县红军长征会师旧址 can be visited, which not only contains the site itself but also two exhibition halls and several outdoor memorial facilities and monuments like a memorial park, a stele forest and a memorial tower. 

From 1986 to 1996, the first steps of establishing the memorial were taken at the original site in today’s Baiyin City 白银. During this time, the memorial tower with an inscription of the former CCP leader Deng Xiaoping 邓小平 (1904-1997) and the Stele Forest of Generals of the Joined Red Army Forces 红军会师将帅碑林 were built (Ya 2014). Furthermore, the Exhibition Hall of Revolutionary Cultural Artefacts: the Meeting of Red Army Forces 红军会师革命文物陈列馆 was built during these years, which displays authentic photos showing the bleak scenery around the site when the three armies reached Huining County (People’s Daily 人民日报 2009). As stated on the website, the Memorial Hall of Red Army’s Victorious Long March 红军长征胜利纪念馆 was finished on 18. October 2006, which portrays the history of the Long March using authentic cultural artifacts and multimedia display areas. The site also offers the Park of Red Army’s Victorious Long March 红军长征胜利景园 that emphasizes the historic relevance of the meeting of several Red Army forces in Huinning to the Long March as a whole. In addition to the two museums and the outdoor memorial monuments, the Dacheng Hall 大成殿 can be visited, which was the venue of the meeting (Ya 2014). 

While Yan’an 延安 in Shaanxi Province is considered to be the political destination of the Long March, Huining, where the Red Army forces met, can be seen as the end of the Long March in military context.


Li Zhanji 李战吉 (10.08.2009): “73 Nianqian, Zhongguo Gongnong Hongjun, Di Yi, Er, Si Fangmian Jun huiju Huining Xiangcheng. Jinri Huining zheng zou shang yi tiao pinkundiqu kexue fazhan de tese chuangxin zhi lu – Hongse Huining hui xin tu 73年前,中国工农红军第一、二、四方面军汇聚会宁县城。今日会宁正走上一条贫困地区科学发展的特色创新之路 红色会宁绘新图 (73 years ago, the First, the Second and the Fourth Front Armies of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Army came together at Huining County. Today Huining is embarking on a road of characteristic innovation for scientific development in poor areas. Red Huining draws a new pictures)”. In: People’s Daily 人民日报.

Ouyang Zhengyu 欧阳正宇 and Zhao Yuqin 赵玉琴 (2006): Gansu daoyu 甘肃导游 (Gansu tourguide). Lanzhou 兰州: Gansu People’s Printing House.

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Featured Image: “Great joy after the three great main forces meet” (source:, designer: Xiao Hui 肖辉, Call number: BG E15/849(Stefan R. Landsberger Collection)). 

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